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Girls Hack Ireland! - Main Page #GirlsHackIreland

Girls Hack Ireland is a program developed by The Insight Centre for Data Analytics (@insight_centre)
with the aim of generating knowledge & interest among girls to pursue the academic disciplines of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects through creative, interactive learning.

The next events we are involved in take place in Wexford (1st October), Longford and Roscommon (8th October).
For more information and for tickets for the events check out the official Girls Hack Ireland website

To date all the events we have hosted have been free to attend, and have been a great success!
Girls Hack Ireland! March 2015 #GirlsHackIreland
Girls Hack Ireland! June 2015 #GirlsHackIreland

You can follow us for more information about upcoming events here:

or get involved by using #GirlsHackIreland

Media Coverage:
The Irish Times: Event aims to get young women coding
Silicon Republic: Girls Hack Ireland teaches almost 100 girls to code in one day
Silicon Republic: Today’s young women are inspired to shape the future
IDA Ireland: An insight into a 12-year-old’s view of Girls Hack Ireland

Insight is committed to addressing the challenge of generating knowledge and interest amongst girls to pursue STEM subjects

The Girls Hack Ireland programme is and opportunity for academia and industry to work together to inspire and engage.

Insight is able to draw from a deep pool of talent to teach and encourage the next generation of women in STEM.

To date we have worked in collaboration with:
Inspirefest Smart Futures Stemettes Silicon Republic

Tech Week Think Gib with O2 DCU Microsoft

Google Intel Twitter Shimmer

Daqri Avaya SAP Accenture

Symantec AVIVA Invent Celtic Pure

KC Peaches Nicks Coffee Lulu Guinness CoderDojo Girls

CoderDojo Codeweek EU TOG - Dublin Hackerspace IBM

Unity Coding Grace Dublin Commissioner for Startups DCU Innovation Campus

And many others without out who’s help none of this could have take place.