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Master Classes

Class Title Date Delivered By Company Testimonial
IDA Global Business Services event 26/09/2019 Dr. Suzanne Little Insight
IoT and Rail: sensor analytics for planned maintenance 21/06/2019 Andrew Parnell, Eamon O Doherty Irish Rail "The masterclass was a very informative two hours and an eye opening experience. Both presentations described the level of research being conducted through Insight, displaying the advantages and improvements Insight can add to various functions within your business through data analytics." John Doyle, Technical Services, CME Department
Data Analytics and Wearables: Their impact on Sport & Health 11/10/2018 Prof. Noel O'Connor AIG
Machine Learning 18/05/2018 Dr. Derek Greene Vizor "Dr. Derek Greene from the Insight Centre delivered a really informative and practical masterclass on Machine Learning to Vizor. The session provided a very practical overview of the current applications of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, common algorithms used for clustering, regression and categorisation and the tools & resources available as well as some of the future trends coming to the fore from academia. I feel we are now more prepared to continue innovating real use cases of machine learning within Vizor Software and it's comforting to know there is impartial advice and deep expertise available from the Insight Centre to help us on that journey." Joanne Horgan, Chief Innovation Officer
Techinnovate Intrapreneurship 20/03/2018 Dr. John Breslin Irish Defence Forces, WDC, GMIT
Sensor Data in Healthcare Applications 27/02/2018 Prof. Tahar Kechadi Novartis "Professor Tahar Kechadi delivered a talk to us here at Novartis on “Sensor Data in Healthcare Applications”. Prof. Kechadi was a very engaging and enthusiastic speaker and his talk was very well received. The attendees came away with a very good understanding of the particular collection, analytical and ethical/privacy challenges in the use of sensor data in healthcare applications." Dr Paul McGettigan, RWDA Analyst, Product Lifecycle Services - NBS
Data Visualisation: Dr. Suzanne Little 21/02/2018 Dr. Suzanne Little Princess Nora University, Saudi Arabia.
A Neural Basis for Implementing Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Elsewhere 11/01/2018 Prof. Alan Smeaton SAP d|kom to 200 SAP developers
Machine Learning 01/12/2017 Dr. Brian Mac Namee Boston Scientific Galway
NLP and Text Analytics 30/11/2017 Dr. Derek Greene Novartis Global Service Centre "Derek Greene gave a really interesting talk here at Novartis last Thursday on NLP. Text analysis was a completely new area for most of the attendees so it was great to get such a comprehensive introduction. Thanks again to Derek for taking the time to talk to us." - Dr. Paul McGettigan, Product Lifecycle Services, Novartis
The Bigot in the Machine: Data bias 01/11/2017 Prof. Alan Smeaton Insurance Ireland's President's Conference: 'InsurTech & Innovation'
Machine Learning Overview 01/10/2017 Dr. Brian Mac Namee Novartis Global Service Centre
Model-based clustering 14/09/2017 Prof. Brendan Murphy Novartis
Model Based CLustering 01/09/2017 Prof. Brendan Murphy Novartis Global Service Centre
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Journeys to Here 01/06/2017 Prof. Alan Smeaton SAP Ireland Labs
Tree Based Classification and Regression Methods 15/05/2017 Prof. Brendan Murphy Irish Statistical Association
Deep Learning for Computer VIsion 01/04/2017 Dr. Kevin McGuinness, Prof. Alan Smeaton, Prof. Noel O'Connor Insight WOrkshop on Deep Learning, with Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya
Machine Learning Methods for News and Social Media Streams 01/03/2017 Dr. Georgiana Ifrim Analytics Institute
Augmenting the Human 01/03/2017 Prof. Alan Smeaton, Prof. Barry Smyth, Prof. Brian Caulfield Insight showcase, Croke Park
Machine Learning 01/02/2017 Dr. Brian Mac Namee Travelport
Artificial Intelligence and its applications 01/02/2017 Prof. Alan Smeaton, Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, Prof. Noel O'Connor Huawei
Techinnovate Intrapreneurship 01/02/2017 Dr. John Breslin Schneider Electric, Bank of Ireland, Ingersoll Rand
Generative Networks and Adversarial Training 01/02/2017 Dr. Kevin McGuinness Dublin Deep Learning Meetup Group (hosted by Zalando)
Data Analytics 01/12/2016 Prof. Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann Boston Scientific "...a very successful and enjoyable presentation by Prof. Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann...a stimulating talk and exposed the audience to a new world of data analytics that we werenot fully aware of. It has got us thinking about applications. Thanks you for the great initiative". Aiden Flanagan, Corporate Research, Boston Scientific.
Analytics in Agrifood 01/11/2016 Dr. Andrew McCarren Surveillance, Animal By-Products and TSE Division, Dept of Agriculture, Food and Marine
Predictive Analytics 01/10/2016 Dr. Andrew McCarren Pallas Foods "Speaking to a non-technical audience, Andrew very clearly explained the benefits of employing predictive analytics techniques. Using industry epxerience, he was able to show real-wprld examples of how data can help drive the decision -making process. It was a very engaging and enlighteneing presentation". Karl Tappley, Application Development Manager, Pallas Foods.
Machine Learning -
 Past, Present, and Future 27/09/2016 Dr. Derek Greene SAP, Dublin "The talk from Derek hit the spot exactly for the Innovation event. With a diverse audience Derek took the group through the journey of how machine learning started, where it is now and where it is going. He engaged the audience through out and all questions were answered in a clear and concise fashion. Overall the experience was very positive" - Allan Hughes, SAP Solutions Specialist
Recommender Systems 01/09/2016 Dr. Derek Greene Fidelity Investments Ireland "An impressive list of was well-prepared and was very well received - the organizing committee had a lot of positive feedback - you can generally measure the success of a talk by the level of engagement and questions afterwards so the fact that we have to call time on the Q&A is a sign of how engaged the audience were." - Philip Smyith, Principal Systems Analyst, Fidelity Investments Ireland
Recommender Systems 01/09/2016 Dr. Brian Mac Namee SAP "The talk by Derek hit the spot exactly for the innovatino event. With a diverse audience, Derek took the group through the journey of how machine learning started, where it is now, and where it is going.He engaged the audience throughout and all questions were answered in a clear and concise fashion. Overall, the experience was very positive." Allan Hughes, SAP Solutions Specialist.
Machine Learning 01/09/2016 Dr. Brian Mac Namee Accenture "Brian's talk greatly benefitted a wide cross-section of our innovation community: non-experts gained intuition of which types of use-case are amenable to machine learning". Diarmuid Cahalane, PhD, Lead Research Scientist, Accenture TEchnology Labs, Dublin.
Machine Learning in media analytics 01/07/2016 Prof. Alan Smeaton RTE "The depth of nowledge from Alan's team is formidable. Participants had their eyes open to possibilities in a non-nonesense, jargon-free way. Very enjoyable". - Aidan McCullen. Head of Innovation Partnerships and Funding, RTE