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Who We Are

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is one of Europe’s largest data analytics research organisations, with 400+ researchers, more than 80 industry partners and over €100 million of funding.

Insight is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, and is made up of four main centres: Insight@DCU, Insight@NUI Galway, Insight@UCC and Insight@UCD as well as a number of affiliated bodies.

Each of Insight's main centres has a long track record of data analytics research. In July 2013 they came together under Science Foundation Ireland as Insight. The size of the centre allows for collaboration on a large scale, which enables the organisation to compete for funding and opportunities at a much higher level.

The organisation’s key areas of priority research include:

What we do

Our research aims to find solutions for the areas of connected health and the discovery economy.

We are currently conducting research projects whose outcomes are expected to benefit the following fields:

The global market for business analytics is estimated to be worth in excess of $34 billion, with big data driving a 60 per cent increase in the operating margins of retailers.

We are an outward facing research institute and we have strong relationships with business at all levels from SMEs to major multinational corporations. To find out more about what Insight can do for your business click here.

Data analytics is a leading area of research in Ireland and presents a significant opportunity for business and industry. Big data innovation is a strategic priority for the Irish government: Insight represents the largest investment in a single research centre in the history of the state.

As an academic research institute we are committed to research that has a positive impact on society. We take our responsibility in the realm of big data research seriously and we are committed to protecting the rights of the citizen, through our Magna Carta for Data project.