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Textile piezoresistive sensors for on-body measurement of spinal extension


Jennifer Deignan, M Jacobs, larisa_florea, Shirley Coyle, Dermot Diamond, M Pacelli, R Paradiso

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Refereed Original Article
Here we investigate the feasibility of textile based piezoresistive sensors to accurately measure increases in spinal extension, on-body for clinical application in the Modified Modified Schober's test. The proposed sensor combines the accuracy of standard metallic strain sensors with the comfort and usability of textiles, offering innumerable wearable applications. Calibration testing of the textile sensors showed a linear dependency between sensor's electrical resistance and strain in the region of interest (25–60% strain) with great reproducibility (relative standard deviation 0.0296–2.04%, n=10). On-body testing of the device has shown accurate results validated by standard measurements done with a steel measuring tape, proving the viability of the sensor for real-time monitoring of spinal extension.
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Friday, 4 November, 2016
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IEEE Sensors
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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