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Service Offer Descriptions and Expressive Search Requests - Key Enablers of Late Service Binding


Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Sami Bhiri, Wassim Derguech, Feng Gao

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Refereed Conference Meeting Proceeding
Late service binding is a long-term goal for Service Computing. It fully enables service loose coupling by allowing service consumers to dynamically identify services at runtime. We present models of expressive search requests and service descriptions enabling matchmaking of highly configurable services whose properties are request-dependent and dynamic. Both models are grounded in lightweight semantic formalisms of RDF and SPARQL, and use Linked Data. Our hierarchical service model provides a foundation for runtime generation of service offer descriptions, while the majority of service models and service matchmaking approaches do not sufficiently address service dynamicity aspects and operate on static service descriptions. We apply our approach to a shipping domain in order to show its feasibility for solving real world problems and its benefits for the late service binding.
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International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web)
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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