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Semantic Discovery and Integration of Urban Data Streams

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With the growing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and sensors deployment, more and more cities are leaning towards the initiative of smart cities. Smart city applications are mostly developed with aims to solve domain-specific problems. Hence, lacking the ability to automatically discover and integrate heterogeneous sensor data streams on the fly. To provide a domain-independent platform and take full benefits from semantic technologies, in this paper we present an Automated Complex Event Implementation System (ACEIS), which serves as a middleware between sensor data streams and smart city ap- plications. ACEIS discovers and integrates IoT streams in urban infras- tructures for users’ requirements expressed as complex event requests, based on semantic IoT stream descriptions. It also processes complex event patterns on the fly using semantic data streams.
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Semantics for Smart Cities
Proceedings of Workshops in International Semantic Web Conference
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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