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Saturated with junk: The extent of junk food marketing in Children's everyday lives [T6:S38:16]


L Signal, M Smith, M Barr, T Chambers, J Stanley, Jiang Zhou, Aaron Duane, G Jenkin, T Lanumata, Cathal Gurrin, Alan Smeaton, J Hoek, A Pearson, C Ni Mhurchu

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Refereed Conference Meeting Proceeding
Internationally, there are no data available that quantify children's exposure to food and beverage marketing across the full range of media and settings that children encounter in their daily lives. This research aimed to determine the frequency, duration and nature of children's exposure to food and non-alcoholic beverage marketing in their everyday lives, documenting differences by ethnicity, deprivation, and BMI. 169 children (mean age = 12.6y; SD = 0.46; 89 girls, 80 boys) recruited from 16 randomly selected schools in Wellington, New Zealand wore cameras for 4 days that took pictures automatically every 10s, and a GPS recorder. Instances of food marketing in the images were coded using a pre-determined coding schedule. Data will be analysed for mean frequency and duration of food marketing exposure, and compared by key demographic factors. GPS and image data were linked to spatially map children's food marketing exposure. Exposure to and from school, at home, whilst out in the community, at sporting events or activities and at retail outlets including via billboards, posters, and product packaging will be measured and key results will be reported. Classification of the food marketing as healthy or unhealthy will be undertaken and reported. This research supports the call by the WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity for urgent reductions in unhealthy food marketing to children and the introduction of monitoring and compliance mechanisms, with clearly defined sanctions.
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13th International Congress on Obesity
Obesity Reviews, Special Issue: Abstracts of the 13th International Congress on Obesity
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Volume 17
Issue Supplement S2
pages 152–198
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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