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Phrase-Level Metaphor Identification using Distributed Representations of Word Meaning

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Metaphor is an essential element of human cognition which is often used to express ideas and emotions that might be difficult to express using literal language. Processing metaphoric language is a challenging task for a wide range of applications ranging from text simplification to psychotherapy. Despite the variety of approaches that are trying to process metaphor, there is still a need for better models that mimic the human cognition while exploiting fewer resources. In this paper, we present an approach based on distributional semantics to identify metaphors on the phrase-level. We investigated the use of different word embeddings models to identify verb-noun pairs where the verb is used metaphorically. Several experiments are conducted to show the performance of the proposed approach on benchmark datasets.
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The First Workshop on Figurative Language Processing (FigLang 2018) in conjunction with NAACL 2018
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Figurative Language Processing (FigLang 2018)
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United States of America
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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