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Minimising the Driving Distance in Ride Sharing Systems

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Reducing the number of cars driving on roads is an important objective for smart sustainable cities, for reducing emissions and improving traffic flow. To assist with this aim, ride-sharing systems match intending drivers with prospective passengers. The matching problem becomes more complex when drivers can pickup and drop-off several passengers, both drivers and passengers have to travel within a time-window and are willing to switch roles. We present a mixed integer programming model for this switching rider problem, with the objective of minimising the total distance driven by the population. We show how the potential saving in kilometers increases as the driver flexibility and the density of the distribution of participants increases. Further, we show how breaking symmetries among the switchers improves performance, gaining over an order of magnitude speed up in solving time, and allowing approximately 50% more participants to be handled in the same computation time.
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ICTAI 2014
IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, ICTAI 2014, Limassol Cyprus, 10-12 November 2014.
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National University of Ireland, Cork (UCC)
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