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Measuring optical phase digitally in coherent metrology systems.


Damien Kelly, James Ryle, Liang Zhao, John Sheridan

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Refereed Review Article
The accurate measurement of optical phase has many applications in metrology. For biological samples, which appear transparent, the phase data provides information about the refractive index of the sample. In speckle metrology, the phase can be used to estimate stress and strains of a rough surface with high sensitivity. In this theoretical manuscript we compare and contrast the properties of two techniques for estimating the phase distri- bution of a wave eld under the paraxial approximation: (I) A digital holographic system, and (II) An idealized phase retrieval system. Both systems use a CCD or CMOS array to measure the intensities of the wave elds that are re ected from or transmitted through the sample of interest. This introduces a numerical aspect to the problem. For the two systems above we examine how numerical calculations can limit the performance of these systems leading to a near-in nite number of possible solutions. Keywords: speckle metrology, phase retrieval, holography, statistical optics
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Tuesday, 17 January, 2017
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in SPIE , Anaheim, California, United States
Defense + Commercial Sensing
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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