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Insight for Business

Business generates data.

At Insight we help businesses with their data in all sorts of ways.

We work with many organisations from start-ups with one or two people, to major multinational corporations and everything in between.

Companies have different requirements and often they will approach Insight for advice on how best to use their data. Contacting us is the first step.

How can our research help you and your business?

Do you have too much data coming in from different sources? Do you need it to work harder for you?

Insight conducts research on the integration of multiple heterogeneous data sources. We can help you organise and access your information.

Can you make sense of your data?

Insight’s research involves the analysis of data in many different formats: structured, unstructured and semi-structured. We can help you interpret your data. We can also help you to visualise your data so that it makes sense to the people around you.

How about using the data your company gathers to your advantage?

Insight researchers can devise solutions that enable you to use that data to drive better recommendations and support better decision-making.

Can you take advantage of the data for your business?

Your data holds the answers to many of your business questions. Insight can help you to harness that data and use it to make better decisions and to find the best solutions to complex problems.

You know that you can learn from data sources on the web, but you don’t know how to go about it.

Insight can help you to leverage the wealth of data sources on the web, including social media, government data and more to gain industry insights, understand markets and so-on.

Where to start

Get in touch with our business team. They can advise you on what Insight can do for you. We want to understand your needs.

Sometimes a business will come to Insight with a specific commercial outcome in mind. Other times, they won’t. Generally we have two broad types of collaboration:

Driven by Research Problem/Area

In this type of collaboration, the non-academic organisation would like to get involved in a collaboration aimed at researching into a specific area of interest to them. This area may be relevant/important because of the commercial potential it might offer, but this form of collaboration differs from the one below in that there is not a specific commercial outcome in mind.

Driven by Specific Commercial Need

The second broad type of collaboration is where there is a specific commercial objective in mind at the outset. With this kind of project, the deliverables are focused from the outset on that commercial outcome.

There are many ways to approach these kinds of collaboration. Every business has different priorities and requirements.

Contact us to learn more.