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Girls Hack Ireland at InspireFest 2015

We have exciting news!  We're running two workshops, along with TOG and Intel, on the morning of 20th June as part of the Silicon Republic InspireFest.  The workshops, this time focusing on hardware, will run between 10am and 1pm in Merrion Square, Dublin.
Even better - some of our very good friends (CoderdojoCoding Grace) are providing workshops too - you can try your hand at a hardware hack, wearable sensors workshop or coding! There's plenty to choose from!  The various workshops cater for those aged from 7 - 17, just make sure you read the description for each event to ensure you're in the right age bracket. Please register for any of the sessions via the Eventbrite page.  Please note, all participants under teh age of 18 must have a parent/guardian in attendance.
Here's a taster:  'Wearable Gadgets - Sew & Glow' (aimed at 13 - 17 year old girls)

Creating a gadget you can wear may seem a little far-fetched…but that’s the beauty of modern technology – you can achieve the unexpected! Our workshop is going to teach you how to create a wearable item which lights up when activated. Just choose the colours of your LEDs, take a needle, conductive thread, a battery and a switch and you will be able to design and create your own wearable gadget. You can attach it to your bag, your hat, your phone case or wherever you like!  We’ll provide all the materials you need, you just need to bring yourself and your enthusiasm

And if you enjoy working with wearable electronics, we’ll show you more.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg – we’d love to show you how else wearable technology can be used…for example a smart insole with pressure sensors built into the shoe – how is that useful?  Come join us and find out!

The second workshop ' 'Stop the Lights' (aimed at 15 - 17 year old girls)

The hardware hack will be delivered in a workshop format which will focus on giving the participants an insight into the basics of using the Intel Galileo technology.  Participants are not required to bring their own laptop or materials – all required kit will be provided on the day.
About the Workshop
Galileo is an Arduino-compatible development board that is designed for makers, students, educators, and DIY electronics enthusiasts to build their own technology projects.

This workshop will be a starter session for the Galileo technology and will begin with an introduction to the coding and programming needed to get the board up and running before participants will get to incorporate working LED’s to make a traffic light animation.


Please register for any of the sessions via the Eventbrite page
This event is hosted by Silicon Republic, and all girls who wish to attend must have a parent/guardian with them on the day.  Unfortunately attendees who arrive without a parent/guardian will be unable to take part in the workshops.
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Event location: 
Merrion Square, Dublin
Saturday, 20 June, 2015