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Fabrication of Non-Enzymatic Optical Glucose Sensors based on Boronic Acid Derivatives

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Diabetes is an incurable disease known to have severe acute and chronic side effects, namely blindness, heart disease or kidney failure, among others1-3. While monitoring the disease marker glucose in blood prolongs life expectancy, non-invasive continuous monitoring systems currently aren’t available1-3. The blood-glucose range for a healthy person is ~3-8mM, increasing to up to 40mM for people with diabetes3, where the related glucose levels in the ocular fluid are 0.05-0.5mM increasing to up to 5mM for diabetics3. Consequently, there is considerable interested in using ocular fluid as a sample medium for tracking the disease marker.
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SPB XIV Brazilian Materials Research Society
SPB XIV Brazilian Materials Research Society
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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