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Emerging Business Models for the Open Data industry and Open Data Value Capability Framework

With the rapid growth of data on the web, a significant number of companies have embraced the idea of open data to enable innovation, generate revenue and develop new data products and services. In order to respond to the economic opportunities presented by the increasing availability of open data and generate value from open data, open data companies need to acquire open data business model and capabilities. However, scholarly efforts providing elaborations, rigorous analysis and comparison of open data business models and the nature and types of open data capabilities are very limited and not very well understood. Therefore, to bridge this knowledge gap, we developed business model theoretical framework, patterns, and core open data value disciplines by consolidating and profound analysis of the reported open data business models in both academic and practice literature. In addition, open data value capability areas are defined and open data value capability matrix is developed. Our results help to streamline existing useful models, and link them to the overall business strategy through value disciplines. In addition, the resulting capability matrix provides open data program managers with a framework to develop their detailed open data capability requirements.
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Fatemeh Ahmadi-Zeleti
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Fatemeh Ahmadi is a researcher in e-Government unit at Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway. At Insight Centre for Data Analytics, her research addresses the problems exist in Open Data Business Models and value capabilities. She is an active member of the Swedish Research Network in e-Government and ImmigrationPolicy2.0. She is a writer of the book: E-Government of Iran: From Vision to Implementation and Development and she is the chair of e-Government and ICT Track at MindTrek Conference - the conference is hosted annually since 1997.
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Friday, 27 February, 2015 (All day)
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Main Conference Room