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Declarative Statistics


In this work we introduce declarative statistics, a suite of declarative

modelling tools for statistical analysis. Statistical constraints represent

the key building block of declarative statistics. We introduce a selection

of novel statistical constraints. This toolbox can be used to tackle a wide

range of problems typically encountered in statistics. Finally, we deploy

these statistical constraints to a wide range of application areas drawn

from classical statistics and we contrast our framework against established



The working paper is available here:

A modeling framework for declarative statistics is available here:

Speaker Name: 
Roberto Rossi
Speaker Bio: 
Dr. Roberto Rossi holds a B.Eng. and a M.Eng. from the University of Bologna (Italy), and a Ph.D. from the University College Cork (Ireland). He is currently a Reader in Management Science at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.
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Seminar Date: 
Friday, 27 April, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:00
Seminar Location: 
WGB 2.16