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Data Modeling for Cloud-Based Internet-of-Things Systems

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Internet-of-Things is considered crucial in the pro- cess of designing the Future Internet; likewise Cloud-based systems are emerging to facilitate big data processing and storage. This paper contributes to the research challenges in IoT services and applications by analyzing different data modeling approaches for IoT. Modeling techniques for IoT data are classified into categories and benchmarked according to their support for end- users, integrators and developer service requirements. We also present a system architecture for integrating Internet-of-Things data with Cloud Computing systems to handle and deliver utility- based value services. Ontology modeling techniques are used in this architecture for a distributed data delivery system. Finally, a representative smart city application scenario is presented. This end user scenario and many others, are enabled by the flexibility and adaptability of our data delivery IoT Cloud-based system.
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IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE iThings 2012)
IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE iThings 2012)
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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