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COLLaboration on AGEing-COLLAGE: Ireland's three star reference site for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA)


R. O’CaoimhcorrespondencePress enter key for correspondence informationemailPress enter key to Email the author, C. Sweeney, H. Hynes, C. McGlade, N. Cornally, E. Daly, E. Weathers, A. Coffey, C. FitzGerald, E. Healy, E. O’Connell, G. O’Keeffe, R. O'Sullivan, S. Timmons, T. Foley, E. Creed, M. Hynes, A. Twomey, M. Sammon, D. Cullen, E. Mullan, F. Orfila, C. Paúl, R. Clarnette, S. Campbell, M. Lupari, S. McCarthy, L. Sahm,, Paul Galvin

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The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) was created to meet the challenges and opportunities associated with societal ageing in the European Union (EU) [1]. The European Commission has identified active and healthy ageing as an important goal for all European countries [2], and through the EIP on AHA, it sets out to attain a triple win for Europe: enabled, independent, older EU citizens; sustainable and efficient social and health care systems; and competitive markets for innovative products and services. The EIP on AHA addresses this vision by identifying, supporting and promoting the dissemination of good practice innovations with societal benefits, in order to increase average healthy lifespan by two years, by 2020 [2]. There are three possible levels of engagement with the EIP on AHA, namely: •registration on the marketplace (an online system to facilitate networking); •membership of an action group (in six specific targeted areas); •as a reference site. From those who participated in the initial call for reference sites demonstrating innovative practices, 32 were selected as exemplars [[3], [4], [5], [6]] from 12 EU states.
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Monday, 6 April, 2015
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European Geriatric Medicine
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Tyndall National Institute
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