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CGlucose Bio-Sensing in Real-Time Using Boronic Acid Derivatives

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Diabetes is an incurable disease that promotes acute and chronic complications, namely blindness, heart disease or kidney failure. Monitoring the disease marker glucose in blood can prolong life expectancy by allowing diabetics to manage episodes of hypo- or hyperglycaemia. Currently, noninvasive-continuous monitoring systems are not commercially available. The use of boronic acids (BAs) for sensing sugars is well-known, as these Lewis acids have a high affinity for diol-containing compounds. Fluorescent BA derivatives have been investigated for potential use in sensing devices, such as smart contact lenses, as they have shown a decrease in fluorescent intensity on increased glucose concentrations. This novel sensing platform could provide personal management of ocular-glucose levels for diabetics via a noninvasive optical sensor, in contrast to the electrochemical approach employed by Google and Novartis.
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NanoNet conference
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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