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Car Distribution in Ireland - Report from the ESGI 218 Meeting


We were participating in the 128th European Study Group with Industry at UL last week, part of a long-running series of meetings of mathematicians discussing problems with industrial sponsors. One of the five problems presented was the planning and scheduling of car deliveries from port areas to dealers in Ireland, where the industrial sponsor (NVD) is transporting over 250000 cars and light trucks per year. As part of the study group, we began modelling the problem based on a data set provided by the company. We will talk about the design of these study groups, and also present some results of initial models for the specific problem, which may be of interest to other ongoing projects.

Speaker Name: 
Luis Quesada and Helmut Simonis
Speaker Bio: 
Luis Quesada is Research Support Officer in Insight UCC Helmut Simonis is Senior Research Fellow in Insight UCC /users/helmut-simonis
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Seminar Date: 
Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:00
Seminar Location: 
WGB 2.16