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Automatically recommending multimedia content for use in group reminiscence therapy


Adam Bermingham, Julia O'Rourke, Cathal Gurrin, Ronan Collins, Kate Irving, Alan Smeaton

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This paper presents and evaluates a novel approach for au- tomatically recommending multimedia content for use in group reminiscence therapy for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In recent years recommender systems have seen popularity in providing a personalised experience in in- formation discovery tasks. This personalisation approach is naturally suited to tasks in healthcare, such as reminis- cence therapy, where there has been a trend towards an in- creased emphasis on person-centred care. Building on recent work which has shown benefits to reminiscence therapy in a group setting, we develop and evaluate a system, REM- PAD, which profiles people with Alzheimer’s and other de- mentias, and provides multimedia content tailored to a given group context. In this paper we present our system and ap- proach, and report on a user trial in residential care settings. In our evaluation we examine the potential to use early- aggregation and late-aggregation of group member prefer- ences using case-based reasoning combined with a content- based method. We evaluate with respect to accuracy, utility and perceived usefulness. The results overall are positive and we find that our best-performing approach uses early aggregation CBR combined with a content-based method. Also, under different evaluation criteria, we note different performances, with certain configurations of our approach providing better accuracy and others providing better util- ity.
1st ACM international workshop on Multimedia indexing and information retrieval for healthcare
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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