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Automatically Detecting Asymmetric Running using Time and Frequency Domain Features


Edmond Mitchell, Amin Ahmadi, Noel O'Connor, Chris Richter, Evan Farrell, Jennifer Kavanagh, Kieran Moran

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Refereed Conference Meeting Proceeding
Abstract—Human motion analysis technologies have been widely employed to identify injury determining factors and provide objective and quantitative feedback to athletes to help prevent injury. However, most of these technologies are: ex- pensive, restricted to laboratory environments, and can require significant post processing. This reduces their ecological validity, adoption and usefulness. In this paper, we present a novel wearable inertial sensor framework to accurately distinguish between symmetrical and asymmetrical running patterns in an unconstrained environment. The framework can automatically classify symmetry/asymmetry using Short Time Fourier Trans- form (STFT) and other time domain features in conjunction with a customized Random Forest classifier. The accuracy of the designed framework is up to 94% using 3-D accelerometer and 3-D gyroscope data from a sensor node attached on the upper back of a subject. The upper back inertial sensors data were then down-sampled by a factor of 4 to simulate utilizing low-cost inertial sensors whilst also facilitating a decrease of the computational cost to achieve near real-time application. We conclude that the proposed framework can potentially pave the way for employing low-cost sensors, such as those used in smartphones, attached on the upper back to provide injury related and performance feedback in real-time in unconstrained environments.
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Body Sensor Networks Conference 2015
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United States of America
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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