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Application of Ionic Liquid Materials in Microfluidic Devices


Tug├že Akyazi, Janire Saez, Alexandru Tudor, Colm Delaney, Wayne Francis, Dermot Diamond, Lourdes Basabe-Desmonts, Larisa Florea, Fernando Benito-Lopez

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Book Chapter
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Ionic liquids provide ion-rich media, which can control the system properties based on the size, charge, and shape of the ions. Owing to the versatility in their architecture, they can offer rare opportunities for designing smart materials which respond to external signals for specific applications. Polymerizing the ionic liquids can subtly arrange these mobile ions to control the material response. This is the basis of novel smart materials fabricated utilizing ionic liquids and particularly their corresponding ionic polymers. The two-volume set Smart Ionic Liquids provides the first overview of the applications of ionic liquids and their ionic polymers for the fabrication of smart devices. Volume one focusses on polymerized ionic liquids with the book introducing the polymerization of ionic liquids followed by individual chapters on different types of polymerized ionic liquids including nanoporous, cationic and anionic. Subsequent chapters then explore different material systems such as stimuli responsive smart fluids, thermoresponsive poly(ionic liquid)s and smart polymeric hydrogels. Volume two focusses on ionic liquid devices including characterisation techniques and their different applications as sensors, actuators, organic electronic devices, energy storage and nanocarriers for drug delivery. Written by leading researchers, the book provides a comprehensive resource aimed at researchers and students in materials science, polymer science, chemistry and physics interested in the materials and their applications.
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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