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3rd International DBpedia Community Meeting

The DBpedia as Gaeilge Chapter (Irish language DBpedia) is meeting for the first time during the International DBpedia Community Meeting in Dublin on the 9th of February. The purpose of Dbpedia as Gaeilge is to automatically extract structured data from Vicipéid (Wikipedia in the Irish language) and to publish the data on the web, making it available to query and to link to other datasets.

If you are an Irish speaker with an interest in software localization or Vicipéid, if you are a DBpedia developer and would like to contribute your technical skills in the setup of this new chapter, if you are an Irish language expert who would like to explore the opportunties that might arise from this initiative, or if you just love Linked Data, please, feel welcome to join us at this free event in Dublin.

The event is free but registration is required. More information here.

Event location: 
Trinity College Dublin
Monday, 9 February, 2015