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Temporal Analysis of Reddit Networks via Role Embeddings

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Inspired by diachronic word analysis from the field of natural language processing, we propose an approach for uncovering temporal insights regarding user roles from social networks using graph embedding methods. Specifically, we apply the role embedding algorithm, struc2vec, to a collection of social networks exhibiting either “loyal” or “vagrant” characteristics derived from the popular online social news aggregation website Reddit. For each subreddit, we extract nine months of data and create network role embeddings on consecutive time windows. We are then able to compare and contrast how user roles change over time by aligning the resulting temporal embeddings spaces. In particular, we analyse temporal role embeddings from an individual and a community-level perspective for both loyal and vagrant communities present on Reddit
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MLG’18, August 2018, London, England UK
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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