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Standardizing inter- estingness measures for association rules


Mateen Shaikh, Paul McNicholas, Luiza Antonie, Brendan Murphy

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Refereed Original Article
Interestingness measures provide information that can be used to prune or select association rules. A given value of an interestingness measure is often interpreted relative to the overall range of the values that the interestingness measure can take. However, properties of individual association rules restrict the values an interestingness measure can achieve. An interesting measure can be standardized to take this into account, but this has only been done for one interestingness measure to date, i.e., the lift. Standardization provides greater insight than the raw value and may even alter researchers’ perception of the data. We derive standardized analogues of three interestingness measures and use real and simulated data to compare them to their raw versions, each other, and the standardized lift.
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Sunday, 7 July, 2013
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Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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