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Rethinking the Test Collection Methodology for Personal Self-tracking Data


Frank Hopfgartner, Cathal Gurrin, Hideo Joho

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Refereed Conference Meeting Proceeding
While vast volumes of personal data are being gathered daily by individuals, the MMM community has not really been tackling the challenge of developing novel retrieval algorithms for this data, due to the challenges of getting access to the data in the first place. While initial efforts have taken place on a small scale, it is our conjecture that a new evaluation paradigm is required in order to make progress in analysing, modeling and retrieving from personal data archives. In this position paper, we propose a new model of Evaluation-as-a-Service that re-imagines the test collection methodology for personal multimedia data in order to address the many challenges of releasing test collections of personal multimedia data.
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MultiMedia Modeling. MMM 2020
Proceedings of MultiMedia Modeling. MMM 2020.
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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