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Flexible and scalable field service with condition base maintenance models for simulating large scale scenarios


Gabriel Gonzalez-Castane, Helmut Simonis, Ken Brown, Cemalettin Ozturk, Yiqing Lin, Mark Antunes

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Workforce scheduling, routing and field service network planning problems research focuses on providing solutions to scenarios in which personnel travel between multiple locations carrying out different tasks specific to the field where they work. However, studying ”what-if” activities in these scenarios is challenging for researchers, who have to deal with the impact on client service agreements, preferences of technicians when tasks are assigned, or unexpected faulty units. Therefore, simulation techniques are widely used to experiment and understand some critical aspects of workforce scheduling. Foremost among these are different routing schemes, scheduling envisioned tasks, and how unexpected tasks callbacks- affect predefined work plans. Unfortunately, to mimic reality a high number of parameters are required within simulation models, rising scalability issues when the number of technicians, activities, and units increase over certain limits. This work presents a flexible simulation model to address workforce scheduling planning in large scale scenarios. The evaluation proves that the model executes in reasonable time for environments that consists of hundreds of thousands of locations in which technicians must perform diverse number of activities.
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National University of Ireland, Cork (UCC)
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