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FIRST-Flexible Interactive Retrieval SysTem for Visual Lifelog Exploration at LSC 2020


Minh-Triet Tran, Thanh-An Nguyen, Quoc-Cuong Tran, Mai-Khiem Tran, Khanh Nguyen, Van-Tu Ninh, Tu-Khiem Le, Hoang-Phuc Trang-Trung, Hoang-Anh Le, Hai-Dang Nguyen, Trong-Le Do, Viet-Khoa, Vo-Ho, Cathal Gurrin

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Edited Conference Meeting Proceeding
Lifelog can provide useful insights of our daily activities. It is essential to provide a flexible way for users to retrieve certain events or moments of interest, corresponding to a wide variation of query types. This motivates us to develop FIRST, a Flexible Interactive Retrieval SysTem, to help users to combine or integrate various query components in a flexible manner to handle different query scenarios, such as visual clustering data based on color histogram, visual similarity, GPS location, or scene attributes. We also employ personalized concept detection and image captioning to enhance image understanding from visual lifelog data, and develop an autoencoder-like approach for query text and image feature mapping. Furthermore, we refine the user interface of the retrieval system to better assist users in query expansion and verifying sequential events in a flexible temporal resolution to control the navigation speed through sequences of images.
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Proceedings of the Third Annual Workshop on Lifelog Search Challenge
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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