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Enabling cognitive contributory societies using SIoT: QoS aware real-time virtual object management

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Refereed Original Article
Internet of things (IoT) has initiated a few interesting research directions such as Social Internet of Things(SIoT), Cloud of Things(CoT), and Edge of Things(EoT) etc. Nowadays, a large number of IoT nodes are available in our surroundings and there is a need to ensure automated access and communication among these IoT nodes. An emerging area of study is to make a social platform for IoT nodes so that devices can communicate with each other and create automated and on-demand services. As these IoT nodes and services are going to co-exist with us (human), we foresee establishing of cognitive contributory skills where IoT nodes, services and even human skills can collectively form a cognitive society to share resources, information and skills. However, building such intelligent societies automatically using SIoT is a big challenge, mainly due to the complexity of the systems and availability of a large number of nodes. In such scenarios, it is not trivial to find a suitable SIoT service node correctly to avail a service in real-time. We propose a common platform to virtualize the physical objects and make them available in the cyber-world and at the same time to ensure resource sharing. In this paper, we focus on virtual object management and selection process for SIoT platform. We propose a QoS aware object selection using Integer Programming solutions to find a right service at the right time.
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In Press
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Tuesday, 4 September, 2018
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Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Volume 123
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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